An Exploration of Design as An Art Form

types of art
Design is often seen as a functional art form, something that is necessary to create a product but not necessarily appreciated on its own. However, in order to be truly effective, design must be elegant and beautiful. In this post,... Read more

Typography: The Science of How It Affects Your Mood

history of typography
A well-crafted typeface can communicate a message before someone even reads a single letter. Typography is the science of how fonts affect mood and emotion, which is why it’s an important tool for marketers and designers. By understanding how typography... Read more

How Culture Influences Modern Design Techniques

classic designs
As graphic designers, we often look to the past for inspiration. We study classic designs and learn from the masters in order to create new work that is both fresh and timeless. However, while it’s important to be aware of... Read more

Copyright a Graphic Design: How to Protect Your Work

As a graphic designer, protecting your work is essential. You put a lot of time and effort into each project, so it’s important to understand how copyright law can help you protect your creations. By understanding the basics of copyright... Read more