Danielle Krysa, a story-teller since she could talk, creates new narratives from old images adding paint, glitter, crystals, glass, pompoms, etc along the way. And, of course, none of her pieces are complete until they’ve been given long, funny, story-like titles. These tales take place on both paper for her smaller works, and panels for her larger pieces.

Danielle has shown her work in galleries all over the world (Brooklyn, London, Los Angeles, Aspen, Vancouver, Toronto, Tasmania), and in June 2019 she will be having a large solo exhibition at Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto.

Danielle lives and works in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.



You can find Danielle’s smaller works in her SHOP. New original work will be released every month (ish), so if the SHOP is sold out, never fear - more pieces are on their way! Artwork will be shipped worldwide on Thursdays, and shipping charges will be applied at checkout.

ps. Danielle’s studio manager / magical unicorn, Linnaea, handles all things SHOP and PURCHASE related.

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Danielle also is the writer behind the contemporary art site, The Jealous Curator, and the author of Creative Block, Collage , Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk, and A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK - Now With Women.